About us

Nomad's Mission: Accelerate the world's transition to healthy natural food


Here at Nomad, we take breakfast pretty seriously. We use simple ingredients to create complex flavors, because we believe breakfast supplement can (and should!) be crazy delicious but also better for you. We take pride in roasting and cold-stone milling our ingredients in San Francisco California.

Mustapha, founder of Nomad, started the product after dealing with couple sports injuries which prevented him from working out for few years. Having to adapt to this change, he had to carefully watch his nutrition. His main goal from a nutritional point of view, was to prevent any other injuries, not gain weight and stay healthy. Originally from Tunisia North Africa, he was familiar with this kind of food and it wasn't until he ran out of the one he usually brings from Tunisia that he decided to make it on his own, in San Francisco. Make it better, and tastier!

Nomad was then born!




 We all have our own reason for skipping breakfast. Wether we are too busy, rushing to get out the door, or running late. In the U.S, 31 Million Americans skip breakfast each day, so don't feel too bad.

Nomad History:

Nomad meal is traditional dish consisting of ground grains, leguminous plants, spices, and aromatic herbs, and consumed liquid (with water or milk). It is offered in an "easy open" food pouch which protects its freshness and flavor. This kind of food is known throughout North Africa, and also spread to the jews in various circumstances, and especially the first day of the Hebrew month, Nisan as this is the day the Mishkan was erected.

Its history goes back a long way, and travellers and nomads used to take Nomad meal with them on their journeys since it was both full of nutritional value and easy to carry in its ground powder form. Detailed recipes for this panacea were also found in ancestral manuscripts. We find traces in Roman mosaics, paintings, etc.

Roasting technique:


Nomad meal combats the problem of digestion in two ways: the roasting of our grains, and the fact that all the ingredients are granular. Studies show that by roasting food, the digestion process becomes easier.

When foods are roasted, intercellular channels are formed which allows for greater penetration of gastric juice (more details here) that helps to facilitate digestion. Further, all of Nomad's ingredients are in granular form — this improves digestion by providing more surface area for stomach acids to access the ingredients.

  Cold-Stone Milling:


The cold-milling process eliminates any heat destruction that may jeopardize flax seed’s nutritional components. This is ancient technology here.

The germ, the oils are spread into that endosperm flour… and you can feel it in the mix. The endosperm is the tissue produced inside the seeds of most of the flowering plants following fertilization. It surrounds the embryo and provides nutrition in the form of starch, though it can also contain oils and protein